The Zipper Foundation

Doing the right thing

At Medik8, we have always helped out charities where we could. For over ten years, we have supported Cancer Research every single month without fail (and this will continue). In 2018, we donated £5000 to Noah's Ark a local hospice for sick children throughout the year and at Christmas, we made several small donations including to a homeless project run by one of our own.

2018 was a year of change

We refreshed the brand, and cemented our long held skincare method into the 'CSA philosophy' which has become an immediate hit. The power of focus and clarity is not lost on us. We also ramped up our eco efforts with the vision to become the 'World's Most Sustainable Professional-Led Brand'. It was now time to scope out a permanent charitable effort.

Building a charity with focus

Inspiration sadly came when Zipper, our much-loved office dog, who has been with us since the company was an idea on a scrap of paper, became ill and recently passed away. As a close knit family, we felt we had to do something in his name. The key for us is making a big impact in lots of small areas.

Guaranteed £15,000 every year

Medik8 is proud to announce the launch of The Zipper Foundation. A charitable foundation with six separate animal welfare funds dedicated to spreading Zipper's love around the world, and is funded by a fixed amount of our company profits, with a minimum of £15,000 a year.

The 'Zipper Donation' tick on each Medik8 product is your assurance that every purchase helps fund this work.

To find out more, scroll through The Zipper Foundation pages using the foundation menu.