What goes inside Medik8?

What Goes Inside Medik8?

With years of formulation experience, we know exactly what should be in and what should be left out of a formulation. We are always learning and constantly seeking to improve our products. As a nimble independent formulatory, we are able to make relatively quick tweaks to ensure products are in tune with the latest insights.

There are literally thousands of active ingredients available. Excellence comes from not just the selection and source of these actives, but the way they are put together into a formula. Each of the Medik8 solutions have a core ingredient range that features in every product. For example, oxyresveratrol is used throughout our brightening solutions and salicylic acid is a key decongesting ingredient in our blemishes solution. Our ingredients are scrupulously hand-picked based on their research-backing, affinity for the skin and exceptional effects on the complexion.


We never test on animals. And we never ask any other company to test on our behalf.

Unfortunately, many of the most common ingredients used in cosmetics have been tested on animals in the past (never by us). But testing on animals has now been banned in the EU, and the latest EU cosmetic regulations (2013) prevent the use of ingredients tested on animals after the cut off date. We take the matter of checking our compliance very seriously as an integral part of our product development and supplier selection process.

More and more countries are hearing that consumers just don't want animal testing. We believe it is just a matter of time before animal testing is banned worldwide, forever - and we cannot wait.


We are happy to be 100% paraben-free.

Preservatives are an essential part of any cosmetic formulation – they stop our products from deteriorating over time. It is possible to eliminate preservatives from some products completely (and we have), and also to use cleaner alternatives (which we have too). We work hard when formulating to use low levels of preservatives so the job is done without unnecessary chemicals. This requires extensive independent testing, but we're happy to do it if it means creating cleaner skincare products for our customers.

For the avoidance of doubt, every preservative used inside Medik8 products is approved by the EU and strictly used only at permitted concentrations.


Medik8 Science

Nature offers us a lot of gifts that are highly effective in skincare. But the line between science and nature isn’t always as black and white as it may seem. Many effective and safe ingredients in skincare are found in nature, for example vitamin A and vitamin C, but in order to extract the part of an ingredient that works on the skin, it requires a scientific process. And this process not only ensures greater efficacy and purity, it also reduces the chance of irritation and reactions. Science is not the enemy.

Sustainability is absolutely key in the beauty industry – something we are committed to improving. The use of some natural ingredients can often be unsustainable. So in order to protect the earth’s natural environment, it may be better to use a version of the ingredient which has been formulated in a lab, ensuring its safety and efficacy.

At Medik8, we strive to find a balance. If there is a scientific ingredient that provides more effective results and is backed by clinical data then we will use it, but if there is a natural alternative that has the same effects, we will always go for the latter. We are compassionate scientists.


We are very aware that some of our customers will have specific allergies which they need to look out for. Some of our products contain nut or wheat derivatives and we would always suggest thoroughly checking the ingredients list on the product if you have allergies. Ingredients lists can be found on our product pages as well as our ingredient glossary for more detailed descriptions of some of our key actives. Or best of all, you can contact our helpful customer care team if you need advice on which products are best for you.



We understand that having a beauty regime filled with vegan skincare is beneficial for the planet and your skin. Almost all Medik8 products can be used by vegans and do not contain any animal ingredients. The only exception is:

The Essential CSA Kit


Ingredient Choice

We carefully research each and every ingredient that we choose to put into our formulations. This involves studying research that proves the ingredient has the desired effect and, of course, checking all regulatory aspects. We assess its safety data alongside the general internet response to the ingredient and weigh this up against its claims before allowing it in our formulations. This means you get only the best.